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cookiemnstr2008   in reply to krystal21   on

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 in response to krystal21...   you call the community action places in your phone book and they will get you a ride also your insurance company no matter who they are will offer pick up even medicaid type insurance offers a pick up and drop off program and also call the welfare or public assistance place and they will give emergency money for a bus card or they will check into a program in your area tell the dr. office to  check there may be needs such as your from someone in your neighborhood that  has been there too, you can get info from organizations such as info line or call your  social security office and ask there,the only other thing i can suggest issalvation army has funds and info to help and goodwill may have info too check them all.
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Please hang in there something will happen and god will help please call the suicide hot line please I was there too my story is like yours too death is permanent and your baby needs you don't you leave her for my name is kim and i need a friend toosomeone else to care for god wants you here the devil wants your soul don't let him take it you be with your baby in times of her need and walk with her in heaven when it is our time please write me back soon i will pray for you!!!cookiemnst

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Please help someone,

 My Husband of 20 years has left, I am disabled because of a car accident and My son has just lost his job,our bills are shutoff notices and we can't get groceries, our church says they don't help with these type of thngs,it is a very large church you may have heard of them (Ernest Angley) well, they said we could pray but,no help I don't know where to go for help I signed up for HEAP and PIPP but they can only pay back bills, My son was just diagnosed with gilbert's syndrome and he is passing out from migrain's and needs medicine, he has no insurance, and if the child is over 20 years old they get no help. If someone could help even with information or any ideas i will gladly try them please help someone please.

kim thank you god for this page.

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